Hello and welcome,
The past few years has kept me completely covered up and the last thing on the list has been this portfolio. A complete rebrand of Varel Energy Solution in 2021 after a buyout and a marketing department of 1 (me) plus the EVP of Business Dev and Marketing has had me moving at the speed of insanity. Slowly but surely I'm getting it updated, so if something looks out of whack hopefully I'll get it updated sooner rather than later.
Resume Summary:

Art Director, Senior Graphic Designer, 3D Generalist, Animator and Technical Illustrator with proven success and experience in the Oil and Gas/Energy Sector. A highly knowledgeable, technical, engineering oriented individual with an eye for detail while managing high pressure and time sensitive deadlines. Skilled at finding resolutions for complex issues quickly and efficiently, and working with teams that value cross-functional working relationships. 
3D Modeling for Rendering, Animation and Printing:

Although these three things sometime require completely different modeling output(s) and refinement, they are still all in the wheelhouse with plenty of experience in all those facets with the exception of game asset development (but sounds like a really cool challenge!).

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