<<  Top Gun Parody VION 616 for Social Media
[ Premiere Pro - After Effects - Canva ]
<<  Ford vs Ferrari (us vs them) Parody Video
Photoshop (graphic elements)
Illustrator (graphic element)
Cinema 4D (flag)
After Effects (motion tracking, compositing)
<<  Christmas Vacation Parody with the PENOTRATOR
for Social Media
Cinema4D (composite elements)
After Effects (motion tracking, camera wiggle)
<<  V-TOOL Promotional Video
Promotional video for the V-TOOL
Blender (intro, scene tracking, animation overlays)
After Effects (subject isolation, titles, compositing)
Audition (soundFX, music bed)
Premiere Pro (assembly)
<<  ​​​​​​​10,000 Pyramid Parody for Social Media
General company promotional video
Blender (Backgrounds, title movements)
After Effects (subject(s) matte, compositing)
<<  ​​​​​​​"Frac Bae" feat. SLIPXTREME for Social Media
Production involvement as well as being on the wrong end of the camera for this one.
<<  SLIPXTREME Promotional Video
Cinema4D (modeling, animation)
After Effects (titles, glow and isolation effects)
Premiere Pro (assembly)
<<  Diversity Promotional Social Media Video
[ Photoshop - After Effects ]
<<  Sledgehammer Orange to Varel Purple Promotional Video
for Social Media
[ Photoshop - Cinema 4D - After Effects ]
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