V2 Valve Functional Animation

[ Blender - After Effects ]

SPIROBITE Functional Animation
Stop collar installation animation to show the components and installation steps to lock the collar onto the casing.
[ Cinema 4D - After Effects ]
Intermission - Pipe with Plugs with SLIPXTREME Perspective
Looping animation for tradeshow display to break up the primary videos related to the V-TOOL and SLIPXTREME product videos.
[ Blender - After Effects ]
SPIROBITE and VRC Fitment Functional Animation
Quick social media and Powerpoint animation to show the fitment of the new VRC Bow Spring centralizer and how it doesn't interfere and tucks behind the OD of the SPIROPBITE stop collar.
[ Blender - After Effects - Photoshop ]
SPIROBITE and VRC Functional Animation
[ Blender - After Effects - Photoshop ]
SLIPXTREME vs Competition
Social Media animation to show comparison run data on frac plug drillouts.
Cinema 4D
After Effects
Making Chips Background Social Media Animation

AIR PDC Social Media Animation
After Effects
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